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Here I was thinking about it over a month and then it just came to me. I have always always wanted to live in a cottage then my husband and I remodeled our home, and with in a blink of an eye it was like more of an old world style rather than a cottage. So I am trying to mix the two together. My passion is cottage style gardens that is how everything got started with me and our home. We were so busy with the inside that the outside was on hold. But now I am trying to work on both but its hard to decide where the money should go inside or out.

But for now the outside just needs weeding and some T.L.C and after that I will start to buy lots more flowers. I just got this table ( free ) for outside it needs some work but I think I can do it. We have a glass top one now and it always looks dirty so I am hoping this turns out nice here is the picture

I can not decide what color to paint it I was thinking white at first then black to go with my chairs ,I have a long time untill it is ready to paint so I will post an after picture for everyone. In the morning I will post more pictures of my garden ( I will try to leave the weeds out )

Have a blessed day

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OOOOh, I just love the design. You managed to get a wonderful haul there Ginger. I think white might show off the design a bit better than the black, or you could just stain it and put a thich coat of waterproof polyurathane on it??? Whatever you decide I am sure it will be just lovely.

August 17, 2007 at 4:47 PM

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