A Conversation

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I have been reading my Bible for over an hour this morning going over what I wanted to say today, but I decided to tell you about a conversation that I had with a customer at work( I work at a grocery store). It was Friday morning and I was extremely busy trying to get everything done that needed to be done as time is precious at work.

There is an older man(76) who shops where I work, he comes in the store maybe once a week or two times, maybe not at all. I always say hello and he smiles and says good morning back, he will ask where something is and I will walk him to the item he is looking for, our conversation is never anything more. I knew this man was different. I've tried to figure his life out, if he was married , if his wife past away, if he had children, grandchildren, and if he had the Lord in his life. Well on this Friday morning he came walking down where I was working, we said good morning and then the conversation began and went on for over 40 minutes. By the time we were done with our conversation we both had tears in our eyes.

He was married for 35 years he had 3 girls and a boy, the boy was the fourth child. He told me he always wanted a son, but that this son was not his, that his wife had an affair. He said he loved her so much that he raised this boy as his own son and promised his wife he would not say a thing. The son never knew until he was in his twenties. Now he does not speak to this the man that fathered him because of this secret that he promised his wife that he loved so much. He told me that he kept this a secret because he is a man of his word. His wife left him 10 years ago, for another man. He said to me I was faithful to her all of our 35 years of marriage, oh how I loved her. He said he knew God had a purpose and was still learning this. He knew that God did not want him to hurt anymore.

This man has wrote 3 books and is writing his fourth now. He told me it is the Lord that keeps me going, it is the Lord that helps me get out of bed in the mornings. He proceeded to tell me about some of his aches and pains and that he knew he was getting to the end, but he said, it's Gods plan.

I sympathised with him as he told me his story, and I told him that I live everyday for the Lord, he said I knew you were different, he knew I had the Lord in my life.

When somebody ask me what I do for a living I tell them I work at a grocery store but I'm still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. But I'm grow up now and I thank the Lord everyday for my job that I love and have had for 30 years, and for the people who have touched my heart over the years like this man did on this Friday morning. And for the man that I met at work 20 years ago who I now call my husband, it was God's plan.

A prayer

Lord, I pray that you be with this man and help him with this pain that he has carried for so many years. I pray that you bless him with good health as he gets older. Lord I knew he had you in his life what a gracious man he was, what a humble man he is. Continue to watch over him and bless him Lord.

It's in your name that I pray ,

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When we were in Arizona we went to Sedona, we had the BEST peach cobbler. So I thought I would make some today. I always use the yellow cake mix with the peaches, but I thought today I would make it with flour and sugar. It was so~~~ yummy! I think I like the peach cobbler in Sedona better but this is a good second. I made two one for us and one for my daughter. Her and I are always seeing who can loose more weight than the other. So I had to make her one too ~~HE~~ HE

Have a wonderful day,

A Beautiful Kitchen

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I'm sure that most of you know Chez Fifi . She is the Editor for Romantic Country Magazine. I love this magazine, any way the last issue had this kitchen in it. I'm just now getting around in posting these pictures but they are a must see. As you all know by now I love white but this kitchen captured my heart with the black cabinets. OH how I wish there were more pictures of this precious kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this kitchen as much as I did. Do you ever get this magazine? All most all my favorite magazines are not around anymore so I hope that this one stays for good.

A Blogging Friend

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Words cannot express how excited I was because I was able to meet my dear friend Jackie. She lives in Canada and I live here in CA. so it was a true blessing that our paths crossed. Jackie and her husband Harvey were so kind, they bought our breakfast and we visited for a couple of hours. I could of stayed much longer and was not really ready to leave. This is Jackie and her husband Harvey

And here is Jackie and myself. We met at the Bellagio,what a beautiful place to meet. Thank-you again Jackie for taking time from your vacation to visit with my husband and I. After we visited with Jackie and her husband we were on our way to Arizona to meet with relatives. We stayed with Cliff and Charlotte for a few days, it is always such a wonderful and relaxing visit when we go to their home. Thank-you Cliff and Charlotte for opening up your beautiful home to us, we had such a fun time.

My Precious Child

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My all-seeing lamp searches out your very spirit and your inmost being.I know the real you that you sometimes try to hide. I perceive your thoughts and even know what you are going to say before you say it.
If only you realized how precious you are to me! I'm continuously thinking good thoughts of you thoughts that out number all the grains of sand of the entire world.

Proverbs 20: 27and
Psalm 139

From the book Hugs For Friends

God Bless,

A Special Gift

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I won a give away from Under The Willow I was so excited when I found out and even more excited when it arrived on my front porch on Valentines Day. As you all know I just love all of her soaps, they are truly wonderful so here are my gifts that I received.Don't you just LOVE this fabric, it is too cute! She made 3 little pouches that will be perfect for keeping some of my special things in.

And then I got these two beautiful hankies. I love pretty hankies, I was going to add this to my grand daughters quilt but I may end up keeping at least one of them for myself.

And then I got this beautiful white table scarf I just love the edges.

And last but not least this home made soap that smells wonderful!
Thank-you again Gigi for this special gift!

Spiritual Sunday

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I have this small book that is a year of devotional prayer, the name is
Praying God's Word Day by Day By Beth Moore. I thought for this Spiritual Sunday this week I would write what she has written for Feb. 14.

To live in the freedom God has purposed for us, we must recognize and forsake all other Gods.
Lord God, When your children, the Israelites, were defeated in battle, you revealed to them that they were hanging on to something that did not belong to them. You said ," You cannot stand against your enemies until you remove it" Josh.7:13. Father God, I earnestly ask you to reveal anything in my life that could be hindering victory, then give me the courage to release it to you.
Keep me safe, O God, for in you and you alone I take refuge. I say to you, Lord,
"You are my Lord; Apart from you I have no good Thing" Ps.16:1-2

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Please continue to pray for my neighbor Jill and for Becky Thank-you.

A Valentine Centerpiece

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When I was taking a picture for my banner I thought I would go ahead and share this little chair. I am always changing things, putting things away, giving things away,but over the last 10 years this precious little chair has always been out. It changes it's location from time to time but never the less it's always out.

I have had this candle stick for over 8 years but have not used it very often because I don't use the tall candle sticks. Well I went WAY out of my box and flipped it upside down and TA~~DA~~ I just amaze myself sometimes!

Here below is what I bought my husband for Valentines day HEE~~HEE~~~ I know it's early but I knew he couldn't live without this little baby rose and beautiful pot so I gave it to him a bit early so he could enjoy it even longer.

Here is a close up of the pot, I just love it. OH and the candy well, my 5 year old grandson is not crazy about hugs and kisses anymore so we have a deal, I get a hug and a kiss and then in return he can have a hug and kiss candy. The deal works out pretty good. We both end up happy!!!

In the banner there is and cross stitch linen thing that I bought on eBay about 2 years ago, there was a lot for less than $10.00.
I hope you enjoyed just a few picture for Valentine.

China Cabinet

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I thought I would post some pictures of some things in my china cabinet today.

I love this little tea pot I have the tea cup also but they are in my kitchen

This is one of my favorite books I keep it in here for a while then I move
it somewhere else for awhile.

This book I bought marked down at Borders for
3.95, what a buy. I like going to the discounted books first, I always seem to find
something I can't live with out.

This is one of my first books that I bought years ago. I have had two tea parties using this book.

I'm not crazy about this piece in here the two tier thing. So it may be going by by soon. It's a fun dish to have for finger foods. I just don't care for it in my hutch.

I love this water pitcher, I bought it on ebay about 3 years ago, I love it!
Speaking of ebay, I bought something the other day so as soon as it comes in the mail I will post about it. I'm not sure where to use it yet, It may be in this hutch or it may be in the kitchen, or it maybe in the guest restroom. I hope that you can help me decide where to use it.
Have a blessed day,

A New Blog

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It's not very often I have time to explore new blogs, so I took some time to do just that! I came across a blog that is so beautiful it is The Painted Garden .
Yes she paints beautiful paintings, if you would like to bring some cheer to your day you should stop by.


Spiritual Sunday

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This has been a long week, a week that has been heavy on my heart, a week that I just wish I could do something. I can do something I can pray , it's the best thing that I can do,not just the only thing I can do. For my sweet sweet neighbor who has health problems and for the sweet sweet blogger Becky. This scripture came to my mind.

Psalm 121

1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—

where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.
7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forever more.
Special prayer request,
First I would like to ask for prayers for my neighbor Jill,she is having health problems and is not feeling well at all and needs prayers for herself and for the doctors that are trying to help her get better.
Second prayer request is for Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams you all may of heard the sad~sad news that she and her husband lost their older son. Please pray for their family this is a prayer that she will be needing daily.
Please go to Spiritual Sunday to read much more.

Lamps In The Kitchen

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I love lamps on the kitchen counter. The first time I saw this wonderful idea was at Charlotte's daughters house in Arizona. She has such a pretty home and when I saw a lamp in her kitchen I just had to have a lamp in mine. Thank-you Carol for the decorating idea. Do you have a lamp on your kitchen counter?

Please stop by Spiritual Sunday There maybe something you read that will touch your heart.

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Okay I feel SO~~~~~ bad! I am fine!!! I went to post this morning and I needed help with finding another bloggers address that had been deleted. I got in a hurry and decided to wait. I thought I deleted the title Help, but it added it. No telling what I did. I was looking for the Cottage of the month her link is not working, and you know how much I love looking at the Cottage of the month.
My husband says I should stop blogging while I'm ahead. I'm not going to do that because I love blogging, I guess I just need to slow down.
Thank-you Charlotte for calling me and making me aware that help was on my blog.


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I guess all I can say is WOW~~ This is such a beautiful home! Click on the house and it will take you so you can enter this giveaway Dream Home!
Take the tour, it is just beautiful. I have a question for you so please I would love you to answer if you have an extra second. If you were to win this beautiful home but the inside is just not you say maybe to modern or the colors are way to bold and the furniture is just a bit formal, would you be able to live in a home that feels like your living is home that belongs to someone else? I love the outside of this home it has my name all over it and the inside is just amazing but I'm not crazy about the wall colors or the furniture. I think I would feel guilty receiving such an awesome gift. I would not want to change things for a long time. Would you be able to change things or live in it like it is?
Thank-you so much for taking the time for this little survey.


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This first one is from Sandi

And this one is from Deare Diary

If you have been visiting me for a while you all know how much I love to change my layouts. Well in this process I have lost my sidebar with all my awards on it. So I am in the process of replacing them. In the mean time I have two new awards one is from Deare Diary Is was so nice of her to give me this award because she found me my blog surfing. Thank-you so much I love my award and how it came about.

And my other special award is from Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage Thank-you Sandi, I look forward to reading your blog it is just so pretty.
Okay something else I do is I like to give these award to the ladies that enjoy visiting my blog so if you are one of them please enjoy these awards from me to you.