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If you haven't stopped my Cindy's Romantic Homes she is hosting a year in review. There are so many beautiful blogs that have joined in on this. So stop on by and see.

I Miss YOU!!!

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I just wanted to let everyone know how much I miss blogging. I will be back after the first of the year. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Also my dear husband said he was tired of looking at my last post and he was going to take me off of his favorites if I didn't change it, so I thought I would change it so he will still come by and visit me.

I want to thank Jackie for this award. I met Jackie on a forum before I even started to blog, thank-you Jackie you are so sweet and a dear friend.


Christmas Cottage

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Click here to watch preview

I wanted to share this video with everyone. I can't wait to see this movie. I thought that maybe you might like to watch it this Christmas as well. Speaking of Christmas cottage's the cottage of the month is just beautiful so don't forget to stop over and look at the December cottage of the month.
God Bless,

Saying Good by for a while

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone from blogging for a while. I'm not sure when I will be back but time is something that I am short of these days. I will be visiting everyone as much as possable, I won't be posting anything myself. I will still be posting on my Spiritual Sunday blog and thats all for now, so I hope to see you there. I work in retail so between family and work right now it is busy for me. I will be back, I'm just not sure when.
God Bless,

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Please visit me and other bloggers here today. I'm sure you will enjoy all the post.
Spiritual Sunday's

Have a Blessed day,


Old Window and Lace Curtains

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I have a passion for old windows with lace curtains. I'm not sure why maybe it's the imperfection of the window with the beauty of the lace. I hope you enjoy these pictures, I sure did!

Have a happy day,

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My best friend since I was 2 years( old that makes us friends for 45 years), still keep in contact with each other and she is still my best friend even tho time does not allow us to see each other like we would like. Well anyway her sister Suzie has published her first book you can look at it her at

Barnes & Noble I am so happy for her, this has been something she has wanted for a long time. So if you want to read a good love story please consider this one. OH and one last thing there is some truth to this love story.

Have a great day,



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As a nation we should be praying daily for this country. We need to have faith that God will be in the middle of this election. We need to pray that this economy will get better soon and that people start to get their jobs back and business start to thrive once again. My heart goes out to so many families at this time. Please what a better time than now to go and read
Spiritual Sunday you may be surprised on how good you feel after you read some of these great post.
Have a great weekend,

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I am so behind on some awards and a tag game first I wanted to share these two awards from Joyfulsister.
I just love my awards thank-you so much I'm so sorry I'm slow at posting.

And also I was tagged by Cottage Remnant
7 things about me. Well here I go,
1. I have had the same job for 30 years, I'm still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.
2.I have had the same house for 18 years
3. I try to be frugal
4. I have had the Lord in my life since I was a teenager.
5.I'm very forgetful, I have to send myself emails from my calender to remind me when bills are due.
6.I work less than a mile from my home.
7.If I could make one wish it would be that my husband and I, both our grown kids and our grandchildren could move out of state.
If you have not played this game I would love for you to play, just let me know so I make sure I read it.
One reason why I have not posted in a while is because we have a~~a~~a~~rat in our attic. We have been trying to put traps up and fix the area where he or she got in at. We heard him this morning so no luck yet. We have some help on this one, they come back 4 times to make sure they got them all. We have never had a rat before this. I think its nice that it thinks our attic is cozy enough to spend time in, but it would be even nicer if it was GONE!!!
I hope everyone is doing good. I miss blogging, my husbands hours were changed at work so I don't have as much free time. I hope to make time again soon.

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Please visit me here today for my Sunday post. I hope to see you there.

Palm Springs

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We went to Palm Springs last weekend, so I thought I would share some more pictures of our friends home.

This is a small patio in front of our friends home.

I love how the living room has a 3D affect.First you have these two chairs with the red in them.
below. And then you have the red wall,below
Then you have the beautiful bougainvillea out side below.

This is a corner in their back yard.

I hope you enjoyed their home.
Have a great day. Oh don't forget to come and visit Spiritual Sunday. We will look forward to your visit.

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I feel so blessed that I have gotten to know some wonderful people since I started to blog. I truly think of Gigi as friend even though I have never met her in person. But we have talked many of times with email. I got a wonderful surprise in the mail from Gigi.

First this beautiful card with such kind words Then ladies this soap here above it smells SO~~~ good, I love it. Gigi also made this cotton wash cloth that is so pretty, and the perfect size.

She made this little bag that will be perfect to use with my grandchildren. Thank-you so much Gigi. Have any of you visited Gigi's Web page? She makes all different kinds of soap and other wonderful items. You should look at her web page it's called Under the Willow Gift Shoppe
The story behind the name is a treat in itself. When I had a give away I ordered something from Gigi it was SO easy I just picked out the beautiful gift and then ordered it and she sent it out for me. I think it was probable the easiest shopping and mailing I have ever done. So if you have a little something you would like to send to another blogger this year go and look a
Under the Willow Gift Shoppe it will make your shopping EASY and FUN!
Thank-you Gigi for this wonderful gift and the gift of your friendship!

Open Shelfs

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Have I ever mentioned that I love open shelf's in the kitchen? I would of done this to mine but it was just to much out of my box. I just love the look and wanted to share some pictures with you that I found on line.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I did.
Have a great weekend. OH! Don't forget about Spiritual Sunday
We hope to see you.

Things Around Our Home

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The living room

I love corners that have little lamps to brighten them up.

and another little corner

fall decorations

I bought this wind chime when we were in Arizona visiting Charlotte my husbands Aunt
Yesterday I had the window open just a bit and it was the first time I heard this precious wind chime chime. It is such a relaxed feeling. It brings back memories of our visit. I think it's my favorite thing in our home right now. My husband on the other hand ~~~~ we have totally different taste. But he is surviving this addition to our kitchen.

I just love the tea pot it has a cottage on it. The cups our in the cabinet in the kitchen.

I like the look of white next to glass it's so clean looking.

My fall table cloth, this adds so much warmth to our home. But come Christmas I am ready for a change. I don't do colors very often so this is just enough time to where I can enjoy it then put it away.

We had our second chair here, I moved it to the bedroom because we love to have fires

during the winter and the chair was to close to the fireplace and I had no where else to put it.

Here is the chair in our bedroom. It's a bit close to our bed but it will work for now .

Tomorrow I may show more of our bedroom because I painted a hutch black and put white linens in it. So I will show you the before and after pictures some time soon maybe not tomorrow but soon. I also have a before and after picture of our kitchen I want to share with you so that will be coming up real soon as well!

Have a great day a thank-you for letting me share my home with you.