Time To Grow

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When our first grandson was a toddler one of his favorite places to eat was McDonald's, I didn't think he would every grow out of McDonald's. He is now 7 and his favorite place to eat is In and Out. He has matured  enough to know that In and Out has a much better hamburger and is more filling, and satisfying  than McDonald's. McDonald's was good and had it's purpose but time changes things. I feel like the church we go to is like a McDonald's and we need to mature into a In and Out.  we need to grow and were not growing because nobody likes McDonald's anymore, they want In and Out.

    Our church is having a meeting tomorrow the second one of two,please pray for this meeting and our church. We are loosing good families and are not getting any new families, our church has stopped growing. I apologize for the analogy of a hamburger place compared to our church but as serious as this matter is I thought it was the best way  I could explain. Thank-you for your prayers for our church.

singing birds           Please stop by Spiritual Sunday and read some amazing post, I promise you they all don't talk about McDonald's and In and Outs.

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Treasure in Nature

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 Sunset with flowers in the foreground.

If we are children of God,we have
a tremendous treasure in nature
and will realize that it is holy and 
sacred. We will see God reaching
out to us in every wind that blows,
every sunrise and sunset, every
cloud in the sky,every flower that 
blooms, and every leaf that fades.
By Oswald Chambers

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Peaceful empty chair in the winter frosted nature Stock Photo - 5547237

I found this poem in a book that I have called Stories for a Kindred Heart. This is one of those books that you just start reading all the different stories. It's by Alice Gray @ Barbara Baumcardner.  
We do not understand:
Joy..until we face sorrow
Faith..until it is tested
Peace..until faced with conflict
Trust..until we are betrayed
Love..until it is lost
Hope..until confronted with doubts
Author Unknown

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The Miracle

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 God is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble.
 Psalm 46:1

 When God is involved,anything could happen.
Charles Swindoll

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