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Posted by Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

Well I have been trying to design my blog but it is so hard for me to do it myself I am surprised I got this far, just don't be surprised if it is different every time you come in I am just in the middle of it all.
Well here is my favorit little lamp that I bought at a little shop close to here I live I just leave the light on 24/7 I have been wanting to post it for a while but was un able to do so. I love birds!
Have a blessed day!

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Awww...very beautiful lamp, I too love birds.

Also, I like your new name! I liked your previous one, but it has to be a "good" fit-to really enjoy doing it. Nice job.

Post Script: Can't get into CL forum at all~ & I usually can from the site I am on currently. I'll check later.

August 30, 2007 at 1:08 PM

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