Garden Gates

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I am so intrigued with garden gates, I'm not quite sure why I thinks it's the mystery of what is on the other side, what kind of pretty flowers are blooming and what old english roses do they have, and if they have any garden moss.

I hope you imagine going threw this gates just like I did.


Dinning Outside

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I have a passion for dinning outside. I love the ambiance of it all. So here are a few pictures ENJOY!

I hope you enjoy these dinning outside pictures as much as I did.

I Love Linens And Anything White

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I have decided to make my next few post of pictures of things that I love. So first were the watering cans and now white linens. I don't have to much going on in my home right now but I like to post pictures so that's why I decided to do my next few blogs like this. I hope you enjoy these pictures as mush as I did.

I have been tagged

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YEP! My dear blogging friend Jackie at Tagged me to play the meme game I have to tell everyone 15 reasons why it is good to be me. So here they go ( I hope I have 15 )

1. I love our Lord Jesus Christ

2. I have an wonderful husband

3. I have 2 grown children who make wonderful parents.

4. I have 3 adorable grandchildren whom I can not get enough of.

5. I love people

6. I always have a place to sleep and eat.

7. I have a job that provides well ( enough)

8. I work 3 min. form home.

9.My family is healthy

10.I still have my mom

11.I have a flower garden( needs a little help as we speak)

12.I have LOTS of blogging friends who mean a great deal to me.

13.I get off of work at 3:00

14.My husband loves to cook

15. I don't do laundry.

Okay the lucky person who I am going to tag is my aunt Jo at

Have a wonderful day

Watering cans

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I love watering cans so here are a few that I found on line. Enjoy!


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Bj at did this post yesterday and I enjoyed it so much.She always always always has fun post to read and I always want something yummy to eat for some reason after I have read some of her post. She posted some of her favorite pitchers on on her blog from I love this web page because they are normal people with normal homes. I like to get different ideas. I put my kitchen in here a while ago I had about 1400 people look at it but I don't even remember the number now. I wrote it down but I don't remember where its at either!! So If you have time you must look at the pictures she posted they are beautiful.
Have a great day

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well I have not been very happy with my front porch lately so I changed something around. The bench was up against the house so I moved it to the other side and I got the fountain from the backyard and changed some plants around here is the finish look. I need something to make it more inviting or should I say more enchanting. I am open for suggestion's. Here is a before picture first and then following is the new porch ( for now ) the best thing about this small redo is it was free. I just used what I had.

New Banner

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It's a good thing I haven't bought a banner because I change so often. But this book is just amazing. I haven't bought it yet but it is on my list. Needless to say this is truly a dream home.

Old plates for show and tell Friday

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I love old dishes and plates but never really new how or where to display them

so I found this rack and put my pretty plates on it to display. In the back ground the is a Shabby Chic book opened up to a dishwasher full of beautiful old dishes.

Thank-you for stopping by


I have been taged

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OK , Priscilla over at tagged me to tell 7 weird things about me so here it goes.

1. I don't like my food to touch other food on my plate.
2.I like my feet to be warm at all times.
3. I want to be buried with white socks on, new white socks that is.
4. I love to garden but I dislike yard work.
5. I add things on my kitchen counter to look homey but end up taking it down because it looks cluttered.
6.I get home sick after 2 days of being anywhere but home.
7. I have to have a water bottle next to my bed AT ALL TIMES.

I would like to invite all of my blogging friend to join in on this so please consider yourselves invited.
Have a nice day ginger

Special People

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Well I have finial had the time to do this spiecal post. Monday I was so lucky to meet Amy from four sisters in a cottage. She lives in Iowa and was here visiting a friend that she meet threw E bay and blogging. Her name is Anna this is her blog. There was one more blogger she is Priscilla And then of course Amy is at She has so many wonderful things for sale on her web page and on e bay also. Amy is a breast cancer survivor and just finished all of her treatments. Her story is on her web page. I started praying for Amy as soon as I found out about her cancer so when I had the chance to meet her there was not even a second thought about it I was going to be there PRAYER is AMAZING!

I feel that I have been so blessed to meet all three of these wonderful ladies 2 that live close by that I hope to see again. Anna just lives maybe 6 or 7 miles from me I hope we can get together and go shopping again. All of us just had so much in common. Priscilla tagged me so on my next post I will answer those questions ( I need to think about them )

Thank-you for reading my story


A New Blogger

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Hello all of my blogging buddies, I just wanted to introduce my aunt.
Here is her blog I am sure you will love it. She is a very talented woman and tomorrow she is going to share one of her dolls that she made. Jo here is a blog that does show and tell on Fridays I am sure you will love going over there on Friday's and sharing some of your dolls as well. There are so many women who share there favorite things on her blog every Friday.I have meet some wonderful people from show and tell Fridays. She has a beautiful blog in general just in case anybody who has not seen it would like to take a peak.


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My husband and I are the type of people who very seldom take a vacation. When we do get away one of our favorite places are to go to Arizona and visit with his Aunt an Uncle. They have such a beautiful home and such beautiful souls. We always leave there feeling blessed and inspired. This last time we left we really felt blessed because they had a car that they did not need anymore so they sold it to is so low that it was truly a gift. I hope that we take just as good care of it as they did.

I love this coffee table

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I wanted to show my friend this coffee table and the only way I new how was on my blog so here it is Cathy.

2nd post of the day

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I just thought I would share the cottage of the month with you all . I don't know if you have been here yet but everymonth she has a cottage of the month so I always look forward to the first of the month to see the beautiful cottage she has picked so here is her blog so so check out the cottage of the month for January

Good Morning Blogging Buddies

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I seemed to miss place my camera so I won't be posting pictures until I find it.

But I wanted to share a gift my husband and I got for Christmas I will post a picture when I find the camera. But it is a hard back book that our Daughter inlaw and son made us for Christmas. It is of the day our grandaughter was born. It is truly a beautiful book and one of the best gifts I think I ever recieved!

She went to this web page

I just didn't know you could make things like this. I will find my camera soon and post a picture, hopefully today sometime.

But until then here is a picture of our new grandaughter