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Okay I have a secret, I have this passion for fountains in the garden, I have 3 and just bought another one but it was such a good price it was marked down to $25.00 It is a small fountain for the patio. It is so cute it has a watering can that the water comes out of. My husbands friend gave us a fountain to hang on the wall, we are going to put it on the back of the house that would be a bedroom wall and then we can see it when we are outside and here it when we are inside I wanted to paint it a bronze color before we put it up , it is a grey color with white dots on it now. I am going to plant a climbing fig on the wall and keep it trimmed around the fountain, I will take before pitchers and after. It will take some time before the fig gets full enough to cover the wall.
Have a blessed day.

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