A Household Gadget

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I don't know if I ever mentioned how much I love hardware stores. It is a big treat for me when I get to go in an older hardware store. I went into an Ace Hardware store the other day and I found this adapter. The bag it came in said Reducer on it so I guess that's the name of this gadget. All you do is screw it into your normal light fixture in your lamp, and then you can put a smaller 4 watt bulb in it. Since I leave 4 lamps on all the time with a 15 watt bulb I was so excited to find this little gadget at the hardware store. This would not be good for a reading lamp for obvious reasons, but for just an ambiance light it's perfect! I may not feel as guilty living these lights on now.

I'm sure this gadget won't save me hundred's of dollars but it will make a difference somewhat . I hope that maybe this will be something that you could use as well. Or maybe I just don't get out often enough and you all ready know about this great gadget, I felt it worthy enough to blog about anyway.

Have a wonderful blessed day,

80% Off On Eating Out

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I just got a email from Restaurant.com that I join(free) awhile ago, and they said for only $2.00 you get a $25.00 gift certificate that you print yourself. The code in LUCKY and then hit apply it will explain everything. Just click on the pink link. Restaurant.com

A Good Land

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Deuteronomy 8:8,

where the Israelites are promised "a good land…, a land of wheat and barley, of vines, figs, and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey.

Olive Oil
Olives, and the extra-virgin oil that is made from a single pressing of the fruit, contain many of the antioxidants that are thought to protect against the oxidation of LDL cholesterol compounds. They also are high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are called "the healing fats" because they lower the effects of "bad" cholesterol while raising "good" cholesterol levels. High in vitamin E, olive oil also is thought to protect against colon cancer, and it is helpful in fighting gastritis and other stomach ailments.

A diet that includes lots of barley, three times a day, has lowered blood cholesterol by about 15 percent in a number of medical studies.

One study found that the fruit fiber in figs is linked to reduced systolic blood pressure(Upper number, representing pressure during heart’s contractions).All fiber is associated with reduced diastolic blood pressure. Figs also contain vitamin B6, which has been shown to help women to cope with the stress and tension.

A cup of raw grapes for example, contain only 58 calories; a minuscule 0.3 grams of fat; zero cholesterol, and vitamins A,B and c The minerals in addition to boron include calcium, potassium and zinc. Grapes fight tooth decay, stop viruses in their tracks and are rich in other ingredients that many researchers believe can head off cancer.

The fruits are rich in antioxidants, which prevent LDL cholesterol from doing its damage, and it helps prevent blood clots by keeping blood platelets from clumping together. Pomegranates may also help reduce the risk of breast cancer and lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

Endomorphism have a powerful influence on our mood, memory, learning ability and perception of pain. Endomorphism affect the brain much the way morphine does-and these natural painkillers are non addictive. So honey taken for a sore throat apparently works by dulling the pain. “Honey has the power to make us feel better by improving our mood and think well by stimulating the part of the brain responsible for learning.”

Please pray for my husband he is going through a number of test. This week will be his 3rd week doing so. The doctors keep finding something with his heart and keep going to the next text. We have changed our eating habits ten fold.
I always thought I was being such a good wife by making his lunch with all of his favorite things like bacon and cheese, and egg burritos, by making his favorite dinners, tacos, hamburgers,fried foods. I know now that being a good wife is provided the healthy foods that he needs. I chose to do this post today because it is our new way of eating and what a better way than to choose foods from the Bible.

We still have our little stash of chocolate, because after all it is high in antioxidants~~~~


French Lace

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I love roses, English Roses are my favorite rose but I have two rose bushes that are not an English Rose their names are French Lace. I bought them because of the name, I just loved the way it sound. I have had them the longest out of all my roses, about 15 years. I call these roses old faithful because they always have such beautiful roses. I have a lot of shade in my backyard so these roses do better than the others because they get more sun. You can see I really need to trim the shrubs, hey~~~ if your bored come on over and you can help :) I was thinking about putting in a small vegetable garden here but I decided not to because of two reasons, one is because we see this flower bed from our french doors and I don't think it would be very pleasing to the eye to look out at a vegetable bed, and second I just love these box wood hedge's and the roses. I did plant 3 Tomato plants and a couple of red and yellow bell peppers, but you can't see them from the french doors, they are on the other side of the box wood hedge's. I plan to plant more vegetables on the other side of the house in container's that's where I keep my potting table and there's more sun on that side of the house.

I hope that you have a beautiful spring day,

Decorating Your Home

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When I first started blogging I remember reading on someones blog ,( I'm so sorry but I don't remember what blog) anyway she was suggesting different ways to decorate your home. I don't know about you but I love more than one style so I truly need to follow my heart when it comes to decorating. She said that she decorates by telling a story in her home, and that it just always seems to come together.
When we visit Cliff and Charlotte there home is so warm and when you look around there are so many stories, stories of different ministries, places they have visited, and people they love. Well now as I change things around are home I do try to tell a story.

This is a picture of a fruit bowl that my dad made when he was in high school. I like it because it has certain imperfections that make it so beautiful. This fruit bowl holds a large amounts of fruit, and I love the way it looks on our table. My dad's name was Gale Alexander he was 42 when he past away I was 17. My dad would of been 72 this month I miss him more than words can express!

Spiritual Sunday

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I was reading these scripture and they touched my heart this week and I just wanted to share them with you.

Philippians 3:10

My determined purpose is that I may know Christ, that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with him,perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly.

Jeremiah 29:13

When you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I'll
make sure you won't be disappointed.

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Tonight I am going to say a special prayer for everyone who posts here on Spiritual Sunday. I know that there are some of us going through some tough times are health, jobs, financially, and our walk with the Lord. Please won't you join me tonight going to our Lord with a special prayer for everyone here.
God Bless,


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What is your favorite room in the house? Mine is the kitchen, I just love being in the kitchen, my husband may say what a surprise because I don't spend to much time in there. The older I get the more I enjoy kitchens that are a bit different. We went to visit an older couple from church and I just loved her home and kitchen. They live on 10 acres and built there home about 30 years ago. All of her kitchen cabinets were open and in perfect order. She made some scones and fresh squeezed Orange juice. What a lovely visit that was. She inspired me to post about kitchens, as I have done in the past but here are some more kitchens that I just adore. These are kitchen that to me feel that they were decorated from the heart. I hope you enjoy these kitchens as much as I did.

Have a great day,


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I'm am so pleased to say that my husbands aunt and uncle were in the top 100 Christian family blogs. These flowers are for you.

Cliff at Musings Of a Minister and Charlotte at Charlotte's Weblog Congratulations Cliff and Charlotte's I'm so excited for you. If you need to be encourged, uplifted and smile please stop by their blogs.

Bargin Time

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On one of my blogs that I visit to get the deal of the day they shared this.
Walgreen's is having a sale, you can refill your printer ink for $10.00 for black and$15.00 for color, but that's not the good part. You can send in a $7.50 rebate that makes the black ink only $2.50 yep only $2.50. So I went down to Walgreen's, mind you I'm new at this rebate thing and wasn't sure I wanted to play that game. I did play and it was easy. After I came home I went on line to register my receipt for my rebates ( I had two rebates for that shopping trip) it came to $12.50 plus when you sigh up to get a gift card you get a free 10% of your money so I will get an extra $1.25. This sale ends this week.
I just wanted to share this with you because if your like me I dislike spending so much money of new print cartridges.

Spiritual Sunday

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There are no words needed here!

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A Little Something New

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I have been blogging for about 3 years now, sometimes well all the time lately I have had a hard time posting as you are well aware of I'm sure. Sometimes I just post just to post, but lately I have changed my direction as I mentioned in a post that I did a couple of weeks ago. During this change of direction I have come across some wonderful new blogs, they are on the right of my sidebar they are the 4 little cute buttons.
These 4 blogs tell you all about the best deals and where the freebies are. I'm sure this is like a full time job for them, they take all the hard work out of it for us.

When I started my blog the first few months of it was all about being frugal and I attended on it being that way all the time, but being a woman I changed the direction to domestic things. But I feel that I need a balance of all the things in my life. God, being a wife, frugal, domestic, mom, and grandma. These are the things that are my heart and these are the things that I will be posting about. There will be no set rules just what is ever on my heart on any given day, that may not be everyday, it may be hit and miss. My goal is to have this blog so that someday all my grandchildren can read it and my children when I'm gone and maybe it could touch there hearts, on any day they could just read my blog.

So with all that said and done, since it is so beautiful here in CA. I will be outside playing in the garden ( working I should say ) So I will be posting off and on. It may be about something domestic or it may be about about being frugal, I guess it will just depend on what kinda of mood I'm in. But what ever I post about thank-you for stopping by. It's kinda funny, but I have lost so many bloggers stopping by because of the change of direction, I can understand that, because time is so precious in the blog world. I still love stopping by all of your beautiful blogs and seeing whats new keep up the great blogs! I have noticed that there are a lot of bloggers not posting everyday, maybe it's because the time of year or maybe their like me not sure on what to post about, but never the less I still enjoy stopping by.
God Bless and I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day,



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I love ivy it's one of my favorite plants. I hope you like video.


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When The Winds Are Strong
If your life is windy these days-
winds of change, winds of adversity,
or maybe the contstant winds of demands and expectations
that leave you feeling well...
windblown-take heart.
As my mother used to say,
"The roots grow deep when the winds are strong."
Charles R. Swindoll

Our Grandson

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This is our grandsons first program at school, he is the little guy with the white shirt on.

Can you tell that he is a bit shy? He had this scared look on his little face during the entire program. He had told his mom that day that he was not going on the stage, he made it on the stage and he even sang a bit but no arm movements for this guy.
I just had to share these, I was cleaning out my picture files and could not pass it up.
Thanks for stopping by,