Spending Diet

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This is such a hard time for so many people these days. The house right across the street from us is now being foreclosed. It is so sad to see the grass die, and the weeds take over. There were about five foreclosures in our neighborhood at one time. I truly hope who ever buys these homes take care of them.
I decided to put myself on a spending diet. I am not one to just go crazy all the time and go shopping but I do like to pick up a few things here and there. I think that most of my spending goes to my garden, so this fall I won't be buying any bulbs ( so sad ) or other fun things for my garden. I have lots of things that will pop up from the previous years that I have planted. So more than likely I won't be posting about anything new, or I won't be showing any pictures of great new items that I have bought. If I do then you know I went off my spending diet. I will be cooking more than normal and making my husbands lunch more often than I do.
My apple tree is full of apples, I hope to can some apples with cinnamon this weekend. The apples taste so yummy heated up and put it on vanilla ice cream.
Mmmmm good!

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Today is Sunday so please go over to our Spiritual Sunday blog and read some wonderful things.
I am sure you will be touched, or you may even what to write something that is on your heart as well. You can read my Spiritual Sunday here

Blogging Friends

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I lost all of my side bar of all of my blogging friends. It will take me a while to find you all again. So please leave a comment and say hello so I can but you back on my favorite blogs. Before I do that I need to change my template back because that's how I lost everything to begin with. I just can't leave well enough alone. I love changing my blog as you all well know that by now but I never know when I will lose everything on my side bar. I will miss you all until I find you again.

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OH! OH! I was tagged by Carrie at Oak Rise Cottage has tagged me for seven weird or random things about me.

1. I don't like my food to touch on my plate.

2. I work in the public and it is noisy all day so I prefer to have the radio off when I'm driving. I love the quite.

3. I don't have pierce ears

4.For the last 47 years everything had to be even. I'm just know starting to come out of the box.

5.I put cherry chap stick on my grandchildren so when they are older and use it they will think of me each time.

6. If the light bulb is to bright in the lamp I will use a orange marker and color it. It puts off such a pretty glow.

7. I love chicken but I can't order in restaurants because it always smells funny to me.

This is the hard part of the rules is choosing 7 people to tag. So you know who you are, I would love for you to play this tag game with me.

OH~~~ Don't forget to stop by our Spiritual Sunday It is amazing the things these women and men have to say. Even if you just stop by and read what they have to say I am sure it will touch your heart.

Have a great day,

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A Bloggers Poem
Some bloggers like pink
and some like blue
and others like white
but we all like to write
Some that make soap
and others only wish
they could make soap
some like spring
and others like fall
and then there some who make dolls
then there are those who like to sit and knit
and then a few who like to cook
but wish they had time to read a book
There may be a blogger or two
that have a house
but all the bloggers I know have a home
Some bloggers like tea with cream
but all bloggers like to dream
There may be a blogger ill
that needs Gods will
At night we pray for there needs
and during the day we think about the them indeed

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Today is Spiritual Sunday
Please visit here to
be inspired

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This is our friends home that live in Palm Springs. We visit there often, it's our mini vacations when we go . They always make us feel so welcome. They call there guest bedroom our bedroom, she takes the sheets to cleaners so they are ironed, and she makes sure we have fresh soaps and towels in the bathroom. They always have fresh juice and coffee in the morning waiting for us. They have a home next to ours also so they are in both homes for now but when they decide to move there permanently I will truly miss them. We have been close friends for over 18 years.
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I received this award form Jackie I have meet Jackie before I started to blog. I have grown to know her, what a wonderful lady she is. Thank-you so much for this award Jackie it means so much to me.
I wanted to pass this award on to Gigi she is another one that I new before blogging.

I am not sure why I am so busy lately , I just know that I miss blogging and visiting everyone. I hope to be back on track soon.

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Lemon Drop Jar

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A few months age Cindy did a post on a book called The Lemon Drop Jar this book sounded like it would be so cute to read to my grandchildren. Cindy did mention it was very expensive I'm not sure now what she said but any way I thought I would do some of my own home work. On Amazon this book was $206.82. This was the most expensive one there it started at about $89.00. They are both out of my budget.
Here is a peak inside of what this book is about.

Kindergarten-Grade 2-- When winter first threatens with its gray days, Great-Aunt Emma brings down her lemon jar from her big china cupboard ``. . . to invite the sun in.'' Given to her by her mother one lonely winter when Emma was away at boarding school, the jar has become a symbol of the ever-present warmth of family love. And now with her young niece's fall visit, the elderly woman once again retrieves the etched-glass jar and allows the girl to fill it with the lemon drops bought especially for her. The child muses that someday she will have a lemon jar, too, but she won't put it away. She will keep it ``. . . by my window all the time . . . to remind me of Aunt Emma.

It sounds like such a~~~ CUTE~~~ story. I am sure my granddaughter would love this story I may have to make one up of my own and just tell it out loud.

OH!! Just a reminder that Spiritual Sunday is just a day away. We just love what is on every ones heart. I feel so blessed to be able to read what every one has to say.
Have a great day,

Some Garden Pictures and a new blog

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One of the first things I planted when I started to garden about 12 years ago was morning Glory I just loved everything about it. Well it has grown three houses away my neighbour was telling me this the other day. I hope she likes morning glory as much as I do.

The snail vine falls down on the inside of our patio it looks so

My snail vine is doing beautiful. This is a close up of the precious flower.

I have another blog I want to share. I'm thinking I found it on Penny's blog awhile ago. It is Lilla Blanka Now I know there is a place on the web to translate her blog, I am just not sure where and have not had the time to check it out. I just so enjoy looking at all the peacefulness of her home.
The weather is a bit cooler today. The window's are open and there is a nice breeze. I love the look of lace curtains with the wind blowing in the window.
Even though I don't have lace curtains I do love that look, it's so relaxing to me.

Curve Ball

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This past week life has sent me a curveball. I have had to take a break from blogging. I think it's better to take breaks when thing come up rather than not blogging at all. I got my new camera in the mail today . I hope I learn how to use it with in the year!!!(HA~~HA)
I just found out that my grandson has to go to a special hospital to do his hernia operation. I'm not sure why but I'm sure it's better. He will be going to Loma Linda hospital and we are still waiting for the date. Please keep him in your prayers.

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Spiritual Sundays

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Please visit here to visit every ones Spiritual Sundays. It will touch your hearts.

This and That In The Garden

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Well for the longest time I have always had snails in my garden. About a month ago it just dawned on me that I hardly ever see any snails ever!! So I didn't think anything about it. Until one day I noticed something was getting in to my baby tears ground cover, it grows nice and thick and soft and green. I love this ground cover. Anyway then another day I noticed something was eating my bird seed that I have all covered up. Well you tell me what would you rather have in your garden a cute snail like this or~~~~~~~~~~~~

a possum as cute as these guys ??? Well I am undecided but I think I would rather run into a snail rather than a possum!

Here is a Anemone, I have a couple of these awesome flowers. They come up every year and spread. The flower is almost ready to bloom. I hope my camera decides to work when they do bloom. They are so pretty.
I found this birs house/feeder for only $6.00 I had to have it.

I put it outside so I can see it when I walk by my window and look outside. I have a battery operated candle in it. It looks pretty at night

Here is another picture of the anemone and my babytears, and boston ivy growing on my house. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank-you for stopping by.



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A friend by the name of Jackie who is a blogger but I met her from a Frugal Living forum (that I loved) sent me some beautiful things. It all started with columbine seeds. She said she had some to send me from her garden. I was SO EXCITED to know that this gift was on it's way. I love getting seeds from other gardeners. Anyway The mail came today and I saw the box and thought to myself that's sure is a big box for seeds. Here are the beautiful things that she sent me.OH!! Did I mention that there were some hand made things as well.
So here's the note. So it started with the columbine seeds

These are cozy hand made footsie's

And this beautiful~~beautiful scarf it is so delicate and just beautiful I could not imagine trying to make something so delicate
And some beautiful note cards with the first letter of my last name ,I just love note cards like this!
And this cross with Joy on it, I think I will hang this on my window that I look at all the time.

This beautiful faith sign. It just fits perfect in with my colors of our home.( Have you been here before Jackie?)
And a recipe box with cards. I need these I am always loosing recipes
And a kitchen dish cloth. I love home made dish cloths Charlotte has made me one of these before they are the best I just love them. Jackie I wish you could teach me how to make these!
And a journal, I collect journals did you know that Jackie? They are so pretty I like to use them for all kinds of things. I feel so blessed to have met Jackie, it has been a while since I have been on the frugal living forum. I met some wonderful ladies. From time to time I would like to go back and say hello to them all. life is so busy, I learned so much from the ladies on that forum. Jackie you are an angle I feel like I have known you for a long time. Thank-you for being my friend and a sister in the Lords eyes.

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