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I am so guilty at not being so frugal in the garden, I like that instant gratification,but not this season I think I have spent maybe $25.00 so far at the nursery and I have seeds I need to plant. I can not go to the nursery it is like an alcoholic in a liquor store.
This is the time of year when I eat, sleep, and breath what I want to do in the garden. I was going to put in a walk way in the middle of the grass with a bench but now I thought it threw and decided against it, I like putting a blanket there and sitting on the grass under the trees so the grass is better at this point, for our grandchildren as well. Speaking of grandchildren it is a challenge to plant things knowing that they will be walked on and played with because our grandson loves to go up on the hill and play, I don't mind him doing so I just need to plants things that are giving. Right now it is mostly dirt ( pretty dirt)
so he has so much fun up there but after the plants go in it will just be more challenging for him that's all. I do have an area up there that is almost done it is more formal and then the rest will be more like a cottage, I love cottage gardens with a touch of formal like the box wood hedges and other green shrubs. My favorite is the English roses but I don't just like a group of roses together I like to isolate each one with boxwood's in between I think you can see the beauty of each rose better than when they are just all in a group.
I once read that people who play in the dirt are happier because of something in the dirt, no wonder I am a happy person! I play with alot of dirt.


Posted by Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

Well I haven't wrote in my daily post for sometime now, only because I was getting bored reading my own post! Its that time of year again my favorite part of the year is spring, although they don't last long before summer gets here I try to do all of the hard and heavy gardening before it gets to hot. I found a new favorite web page it is of a garden that is so beautiful you can sure tell this couple truly have a passion for gardening, you can tell that it is more that putting a plant in the ground. This couple our my new mentors, it is hard for me knot to e mail them all the time asking questions and to just see what they did in there garden for the day. It truly is a challenge this year being frugal and all ,I can't just go to the nursery every time I work in my garden but it is kinda funny because now I spend more time weeding and dead heading that my garden looks prettier than it ever did it is nice and clean you can see flowers now not dead flowers. well when I have a extra minute I will post my new favorite web page.
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