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I just love Francesca's  Battistelli new song, so of course I wanted to share it with all  of you.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did .I ask my husband if I should share this song, he said he had no comment so I'm thinking he thought maybe it wasn't one of the better Christian songs that I have played,  but it may put a smile on your face and it may make you realize that this is just the small stuff.

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God Bless,

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March 18,2011                
                         Full Of Wander 
Every moment is full of wonder,
and God is always present. We 
have a Father in heaven who is
almighty, who loves His children
 as He loves His only begotten son,
and whose very joy and delight it 
is to help them at times and 
under all circumstances.

George Mueller

I will be having all 3 grandchildren and my mother in-law and sister in-law over for the weekend
So I hope to visit as many as I can during this time. What post I don't finish this weekend I will be visiting
during the week after work
Thank-you for being so understanding.

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March 12,2011
Hello Friends,

I received a gift from a lady at church, it's a little book called Whispers of Faith. There are so many wonder little quotes and scriptures that I have been sharing them with you from time to time, here is another one from this little book of encouragement.

Pray Now
It is not a question of praying and asking God to help you,
 it is the grace of God now.
We tend to make prayer the preparation for our service
yet it is never that in the Bible.
 Prayer is the practice of drawing on the grace of God...Pray now, 
draw on the grace of God in your moment of need.
By Oswald Chamber

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how your heart will be touched.

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March 4,2011


I find the great thing in this world
is not so much where we stand, as
in what direction we are moving.
To reach the port of heaven, we
must sail sometimes with the wind
  and sometimes against it, but we 
 must sail, and not drift nor lie at 
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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