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April 23, 2011

Before There was SUNDAY There was FRIDAY

I was not there, but I can feel the chills in my body,  I can  feel the earth move, I can  here the rumble in the sky. The pain that the Lord went through for you and me.
     Jesus had told his disciples and friends that he would rise after 3 days, they  wanted to believe him because they loved him. Three days after Jesus was crucified he indeed raised  from the dead.

Heavenly father, 
My words alone can not express my love for you ,my words alone will never be able to thank-you enough.
I pray that my heart and actions show how grateful I am for you and how much I love you,Thank-you Lord for dieing for me so that I can live with you in eternity.

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April 16,2011

I have a daily devotional call A Daybook of Grace. My post today is from this devotional.

In the day of my trouble I will call you,
for you will answer me.
Psalm 86:7

 It is the trail of our faith that is precious. If we go through the trail,
there is so much wealth laid up in our heavenly bank account 
to draw upon when the next test comes.
Oswald Chambers

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April 9,2011

Nothing to Fear
 Psalms 34:4-5

 I sought the Lord, and he answered me,
he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant,
their faces are never covered with shame.

God walks with us. He scoops us up in His arms or simply sits
with us in silent strength until we cannot avoid the awesome
recognitions that yes, even now, He is here.
     By Gloria Gather

There are so many rumors going around at my work these days.
Our contracts up, my location my close the doors, our pay may get cut.
It is hard to avoid these rumors, it's hard to trust my company, but it's not
hard to trust in the Lord. In my heart I feel that why should I be exempt from a cut pay.
Men and women who work to protect our city have had a huge cut in pay, I can live
with a cut in pay. What bothers me is I see how much of a profit my company makes,
the only word that comes to my mind is greed!

Proverbs 28:25

He who is of a greedy spirit stirs up strife, but he who puts his trust in the Lord shall be enriched and blessed

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 About 15 years ago we planted over 50 shrubs and a handful of trees. I had a vision,all I wanted to see out our windows were living walls.  This was not very easy over the years, with different  kinds of weather,and water shortages it was a challenge but now when we look out of every one of our windows all we see is green and all we here are birds, we feel like were somewhere else and not in a neighborhood.I new that I could not just plant all of these shrubs and trees without watering them,or feeding them,because I new they had a purpose a pretty big one at that. I didn't want to risk loosing any of them.I needed to nurture them in order for them to grow just the right way. This is how our Christianity  is, we can't just be baptized and think that over night we will be a mature Christian, it can take years~and years of becoming a mature Christian . We need to nurture our souls, we need to water ,and feed our Christianity.We need to have faith and trust in the Lord.

Acts 14:22 

22 strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said.

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