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The painting that I have posted here is from a painter by the name of Roland Lee. He paints beautiful landscapes and of course my favorite cottages, and churches. You should go to his blog Roland Lee blog and he has a web page Roland Lee's web page

I have been in the blog world since 2007, and it never seems to amaze me how many talented people we have in this big world. As you all know by now I have a passion for cottages, I think what I like most about cottages is that they are mysterious, they all seem to have ambiance and they all seem to have a story to tell. Well I came across a picture of a cottage that I just love ( the one above) and there were so many more from where that one came from. So you if you have some extra time you should visit both of his sites, I'm sure you will enjoy your visit there.
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Gorgeous picture. I share you love for cottages.

October 12, 2009 at 12:25 PM

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