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Please enjoy this song Nannykim at
on her blog,she was kind enough to let my use it. Thank-you Nannykim.

Children of the Living God

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This is why I don't go shopping very much because I always find things I feel I just have to have. While I was on the hunt for the mail box a couple of weeks ago and since I did not fine it then ,I just had to have this little lamp. It is so precious. I love small lamps that use a night light bulb. I leave them on all the time. I think this lamp is by far my favorite. I like the bird on her arm. OH and the best part is it was only $7.00 on the mark down table. I thought to myself I spend more than that on a magazine sometimes so I took this lamp home with me.

Do you have a lamp that you leave on all the time?

Have a wonderful day. Oh before I forget (AGAIN) you must stop by BJ at She is having a kitchen tour all week long. It has been so much fun. BJ has put so much work into this and it truly shows.

Caster Sets

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Once again I do not have any of these pretty Caster sets but I love them. Do you have any of these Caster sets? I just love Ebay! Even if it's just to window shop.

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Change of Heart (again)

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Okay, I tried real hard not to buy this special item but I have not stop thinking about it since I talked about it on my blog, so at least I can say it was not an impulse buy. Do you remember that mail box I was talking about? Well I went back to buy it a few weeks ago and it was gone. I was kinda sad about that so this weekend we went to visit our friends in Palm Springs and we went shopping while we are there. When ever we go somewhere to visit I like to buy a little something to be able to remember the trip. I do this when we go to Arizona to see Charlotte at Anyway this is what I bought while we were in Palm Springs. YES you are write I found THE MAIL BOX so of course I had to buy it. DON'T ask where I am going to put it because I just don't know. Here are the pictures. It came with the iron racks to put papers on I haven't put them on yet.

I think this guy was worth $19.00, I know my husband is sure glad I found it so I will stop talking about it.
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Biscuit Jars

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I thought that I would give you all a break on my garden updates and post some pictures of some beautiful Biscuit jars. Most of these I found on Ebay. I may have to put a bid on one they are so pretty. I have more pictures of other pretty things also I will show in the next two post.

I hope that you enjoy these Biscuit jars like I did. Does anyone know why they made some of the older Biscuit jars with handles?
Have a wonderful day,
Edit to add: I do not have any of these cute jars I just saw them on ebay. I should have worded it better I am sorry.

Potting Tables

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If you like to garden then more than likely you like potting tables. I think of it as women who love to sew have a special place to put all there fabric, well I like to have a special place to put all my garden things, it puts a smile on my face. Some of you had mention that you wanted a potting table so I thought I would share some picture's that I found and maybe they can give you some idea's.
ENJOY! Here is the web page where this potting table came from.

Garden pictures

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My new garden gloves. My husband and I looked everywhere for garden shoes and could not find what I wanted so I will be buying them on line and I will show you them as soon as I get them.

This hedge has given me much grief!!!! Even when we were paying someone to trim it. It just never comes out round on the top any suggestions?

I love my hydrangea's I have 3 of them, yes you know it I will take pictures when they bloom.

Here are about 20 or so ficus trees I just had to plant.But I love them regardless of all the hard work.

Things in My Garden That only I see that make me smile

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This is my garden table that is across from my favorite sitting area with the mosaic table and chairs. If you notice all of the pots its because I have no flowers in them yet this year. I have been way to busy with the rest of my garden.

Here is a little frog on my first faucet
and a little humming bird on my second faucet

and last but not least a little duck on my 3rd faucet. This duck was a gift from a couple that we love dearly. Can you guess who??

Happy Mother's Day

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Garden shoes and gloves

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Here are some pictures of garden gloves that would be just wonderful to have!!

Here are some garden shoes that I would love to have someday

Here are my garden shoes that have worked so hard!!

Here are my gloves they have worked even harder!

Who knows maybe my husband will read this post!!! HMMMM~~~Mother's day is this Sunday HMMMM~~~~~~~

How Do You Store Your old Linens?

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Ever since I was a little girl I have memories of me going threw my mom's and grandma's linen closet. I have always had a passion for lines and there homes.
I have an extra dresser where I put my lines and a closet. I guess I would have to say if I collect anything it would be linens, all kinds but mostly table linens. I alway's wanted a pretty home for them with some glass doors to display them pretty.

How To Store Old Linen
From Pamela Wiggins,
Storing heirloom linens properly will keep them beautiful for years to come.Difficulty: EasyTime Required: 5 minutes per itemHere's How:1. Store linens laying flat if possible and avoid folds since they stress the fabric.2. If they must be folded, use acid-free tissue or muslin to cushion the folds.3. Smaller linens can be stored by rolling them onto cardboard tubes wrapped with several layers of acid-free tissue or muslin.4. Wrap linens with acid-free tissue or muslin to protect them, especially if stored in ordinary cardboard, paper, metal or wood boxes.5. Keep in mind that unsealed wood containers, such as cedar chests, will eventually stain cloth items.6. Avoid plastic boxes, they don't allow air circulation and trap mildew causing moisture along and produce static electricity which attracts dust.Tips:Refold linens occasionally to distribute wear and minimize damage.Ordinary cardboard, paper, metal and wood will deteriorate textiles with direct contact.To reverse staining, especially from wood, expensive treatments by a professional may be needed.