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I don't want to work harder to make more money, I want to do without and save money! Itseems like the more money I have the more I spend. Its is amazing to me how much one can spend on just small things, for example one card is at least 4.00 dollars sure they have the .99 cent ones but your probable thinking I can't just spend .99 cents on a card . I have learned the hard way on not to worry about what people think. If they don't like the .99 cent card then they don't deserve ANY card! I feel like a different person as I view money differently now, I use to think well its ONLY 20.00 dollars or I have to BUY it because it's on SALE . Since I am somewhat new at being frugal ( about 5 months now ) I still stay away from the stores that I love, because I CAN,T BE TRUSTED . But God wants us to use are money WISELY and I have not done so in the past so that is one of my goals.

1 Corinthians 16:2


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