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Good morning all of my frugal friends, dinner tonight is going to be left over pinto beans and fried potatoes. I plan on making a new frugal recipe this week with lentils and brown rice. I just know my husband will love it? We really need to eat more healthy so once a week I am going to add some sort of beans to our diet. Okay so maybe I will make it next week. We ate out twice yesterday we haven't done that forever I kinda feel bad but we were out all day, helping my son move then we went to church so that was just the way it had to be. I was to tired to make my husband lunch today, I do need to work on that!!! I hope to accomplish at least one thing to day hopefully to work in the front yard
( or play ) I am having a baby shower here in March so I kinda need to do some extra work, we should have company more often I tend to get more done!
I hope that everybody has a bless day

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