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Goodmorning my favorite time of the day is morning I look forward in drinking my coffe and going to my favorite sites on the computer and visiting all of the frugal people at about .com. It is so nice to know that so many ladies have a desire to be frugal to save and to use and reuse and to COOK at HOME.That was one of my biggest downfalls was eating out but now that I have got that down I lood forward to cooking. My husband enjoys cooking as well. Tonight I will make porkchops and macaroni salad and a veggie of some sort. I sure wish today was a stay at home day but I have to work so I better go for now not a lot to say today.

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Hi Ginger,
I am enjoying reading your blog! Morning is my favorite time of day too, even when I have to go to work. I would also prefer to stay home.........oh well, must count our blessings first, last and always.
Sheila (from the FL forum).

March 4, 2007 at 4:20 PM

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