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Good morning everyone and anyone who happens to stubble upon by blog
I just wanted to write about how so many people that I know are not content how they just need to buy one more THING. I was one of those people for a very long time! (TOO LONG) I am not sure why I changed but I think the Lord everyday. But as I get older I get more gratification if I pay a bill or make a dinner, or use something I have instead of buying something new. Although it may be easier for my to be content because we just remolded our house. Its has not been easy and I truly feel like I learned a lesson on being content. I think God had something to do with that! My famous last words are next month will be better! Well I know it will be because I have learned to live with less. I am so very blessed to have a wonderful husband and a warm house and food. No matter what struggles I go through financially I always thank the Lord for teaching me the lesson (A HARD ONE) on being CONTENT
1timothy 6:6


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