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Are your friends frugal? I found out that if your friends are frugal then it is easier to stay in line with being frugal. We have some friends that like us to go out to eat all the time with them, but that is very costly so it took me a while but I just had to tell them that my goal is to be frugal because I want to be not because I have to be. It is easier now than at first. I think they understand.

Dinner tonight is chile in the crock pot ( I love my crock pot it is my new best friend) I bought two sour dough bowls marked down .99 cents each so that will be a big treat with out chile. At Albertson's this week they have when you buy 2 of certain products you get $21.oo in coupons for FREE items yes FREE so I spent $4.00 and I got a coupon for 2 FREE salad bag 2 FREE Hormel lunch meats and a FREE Paul Newman's salad dressing, and all I spent was $4.00 gotta love it!!!!

It has been so nice outside that I started working in my garden its seems like forever. We don't have our gardener any more I can use the extra money for now but I think I will need some help, it is hard to do all of the trimming myself. This is the BIG test on just how frugal I am is buying plants, I am going to try to do most of them buy seeds this year , my bulbs have already started to come up and bloom it is beautiful. If anybody has a good recipe for the crock pot I can use some new ones.
Have a blessed Day
Matthew 6:19-34

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