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I am so guilty at not being so frugal in the garden, I like that instant gratification,but not this season I think I have spent maybe $25.00 so far at the nursery and I have seeds I need to plant. I can not go to the nursery it is like an alcoholic in a liquor store.
This is the time of year when I eat, sleep, and breath what I want to do in the garden. I was going to put in a walk way in the middle of the grass with a bench but now I thought it threw and decided against it, I like putting a blanket there and sitting on the grass under the trees so the grass is better at this point, for our grandchildren as well. Speaking of grandchildren it is a challenge to plant things knowing that they will be walked on and played with because our grandson loves to go up on the hill and play, I don't mind him doing so I just need to plants things that are giving. Right now it is mostly dirt ( pretty dirt)
so he has so much fun up there but after the plants go in it will just be more challenging for him that's all. I do have an area up there that is almost done it is more formal and then the rest will be more like a cottage, I love cottage gardens with a touch of formal like the box wood hedges and other green shrubs. My favorite is the English roses but I don't just like a group of roses together I like to isolate each one with boxwood's in between I think you can see the beauty of each rose better than when they are just all in a group.
I once read that people who play in the dirt are happier because of something in the dirt, no wonder I am a happy person! I play with alot of dirt.

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